Skyview Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know even more about SkyView Ranch? The following frequently asked questions will shine even more light on the "New North" and what to expect from this community in the future.

1. Who is Walton Development and Management?

The Walton Group of Companies (Walton) is a multinational real estate investment and development firm concentrating on the research, acquisition, management and development of strategically located land in major North American growth corridors. With over 97,000 acres of land under management, Walton is one of North America’s premier land asset managers.

Walton is a family company that has been in business for over 30 years. Our industry leading expertise in real estate investment and land development uniquely positions Walton to responsibly transition land into sustainable communities where people live, work and play.

Walton takes a long-term approach to land development, building communities for today and tomorrow. Our developments are master planned and designed in collaboration with local residents for the benefit of all community stakeholders. Our goal is to build communities that will stand the test of time: hometowns for present and future generations.

Calgary Office - Head Office
23rd Floor, 605 - 5th Avenue SW,
Calgary, Alberta,
Canada T2P 3H5

Phone: 403.750.5500
Fax: 403.750.3333

2. New North? What's new about it?

The New North is a concept to change the feel of North Calgary living. SkyView Ranch will have a feel very much unique to North Calgary. The community will provide an active lifestyle, a neighbourly feel and focus on widely appealing architecture and streetscape.

3. How long is the communte to downtown?

The commute to downtown is approximately 20 - 25 minutes. The community's proximity to several major transportation arteries will provide numerous options to your commute.

4. What future development is planned nearby?

SkyView Ranch is the first of three developments in NorthPoint, which is the largest approved development in Calgary's history. NorthPoint will be a self-sustained community surrounded by major employment centres.

5. How can I get to SkyView Ranch by car?

From Deerfoot Trail drive east on Country Hills Blvd., north on Metis Trail, east on 128th Ave NE or take Stoney Trail east/west, take south on Metis Trail, turn left (East) on 128 Ave NE and follow the signs.

6. Plans for the community (parks, pathways, recreational facilities, public transit, schools)

SkyView Ranch is a sustainable community that already has parks and pathways within the community. There will be more playing fields and recreational areas scheduled for future phases. Please refer to community concept map on the website. There are bus locations throughout the community that provide access to McKnight/Westwinds LRT station. Introductory transit service for Route 445 Skyview Ranch began on March 14, 2011, for more information on transit visit

7. When is SkyView anticipated being complete?

SkyView Ranch will be home to over 4000 residents when the community will be completed which is projected to be within the next 3 - 5 years.

8. Are there architectural controls in SkyView Ranch?

We have architectural guidelines builders must follow in order to maintain the highest standards and are implemented to benefit residents of the community as it provides a cohesive and complimentary streetscape. Please refer to the Architectural Control Guidelines within this website. Architectural Page

9. How many phases will there be?

Skyview Ranch will have 8 phases within the development.

10. Is there a Home Owner Association? Are there any fees attached?

Yes there is a Home Owners Association in place which have set the annual fees at $45.00 (plus GST). For more information regarding the HOA, please visit: