Skyview Ranch

Glossary of Terms

3D Model: A 3D model rendering of a development. Most commonly used for multi-family projects.

Architectural Controls: Guidelines for building that are set by the developer.

Area Amenities: A feature that increases attractiveness or value, especially with regards to geographic location. (i.e. Shops, entertainment, transit)

Builders Role: Builders buy lots and sell homes to the consumer.

Building/Project Amenities: Features of a project that increase attractiveness or value. (i.e. Gym, conference area, common room, guest suites)

Developers Role: Purchases the land, creates communities, sell lots to the builder. Responsible for streets, walk ways, utilities etc.

Elevations: Front image of a home's exterior. Usually an artists render.

Floorplans: Layout of a unit or specific floor of a home indicating rooms, square footage and possible furniture layout.

Floorplates: Layout/plan for suites of each floor in a multi-family/tower development.

Multi-Family: Condo, Duplex and Townhomes. Any unit that shares a common wall with another unit.

Renders: 3D image of the project or home. this may also be an artistic drawing or painting.

Single Family: Stand alone home.

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